October 10, 2020

On September 18, 2020, the United States District Court Southern District of New York granted a motion for partial summary judgment with respect to liability for copyright infringement in relation to street style photography. Read more>>

December 31, 2019

Though the decade may be coming to an end, the number of fashion-related legal battles have not. Below are some of the most noteworthy intellectual property lawsuits that have occurred in the fashion industry over the last ten years. Read more>>

November 5, 2019

Earlier this year, Warner Music Group signed a distribution deal with AI-generated music application, Endel. Developed by start-up accelerator Techstars Music’18, Endel produces personalized sounds to help users focus and relax, based on personal inputs such as the time of day, location, heart rate, and weather. The first-ever algorithm to sign a major label deal, Endel is expected to release twenty albums by the end of this year. Read more>>

April 23, 2019

This past fall, Canadian music icon Bryan Adams presented in front of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage to propose an amendment to the Canadian reversionary right. However, significant pushback has come from Committee members and various legal professionals, questioning whether amending the reversionary right is as significant an issue as Adams suggests it is. Read more>>

April 19, 2019

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to chat with Olivia Quenneville, a fourth-year student in the Professional Writing program at York University, who was at the time conducting research for an article examining art theft. Read more>>

December 4, 2018

Online piracy has been an issue that the entertainment industry has been facing for years. From apps to streaming sites and internet streaming devices, consumers are finding newer and cheaper ways to watch live television and motion picture films. Though most of these services allow consumers to watch copyrighted content legally, of the users that have internet streaming devices in Canada, about seventy percent are using these devices to stream copyright infringing content. Read more>>

April 30, 2018

From trademarking your logo to potentially patenting your items (a newer – yet narrowly used – method of protecting your unique fashion designs), there are various ways that start-ups and young companies in Canada can protect their intellectual property (IP) prior to diving into the competitive realm of fashion. Unfortunately, the Canadian fashion industry has also seen an increase in the number of large retailers who have found it appropriate to take designs originating from Indigenous communities and integrate them into their newest seasonal line. Read more>>

June 14, 2017

Although there is no shortage of counterfeit products on the market, it is not everyday that a high fashion designer sues your local flea market. Recently, Louis Vuitton reportedly filed a lawsuit against Dr. Flea’s Flea Market for intentionally selling a handbag that was evidently in violation of Canadian trademark and copyright laws. Read more>>