Spotlight: Sustainable Fashion

January 11, 2019

I am happy to be sharing a project that myself and the Rumble team have been working hard to put together over the past few months. Shopping sustainably is a behaviour that I have become increasingly more cognizant of as a consumer.

When starting law school, I read an article that focused on the intersection between sustainability and technology. Could automated technologies guide our buying decisions and help us shop more ethically and sustainably? Or do distruptive technologies emerging in the fashion-tech industries only encourage us to consume more?

Though there is never one binary answer, the article did provide some guidance:

"Giving people what they want is an easy win, but bedevilled with sustainability conundrums. Real success lies in inspiring people to want what's best not only for them, but for all of us – people, planet and profit-seekers. To that end, technology is vital. Much more than we probably think."

For this reason, I decided to focus Rumble Magazine's January issue (displayed below) on sustainable fashion. Through using Rumble's digital platform and online presence to enourage and stimulate discussion, my hope is that real change can be made.

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