Announcement: Launch of Rumble Magazine

November 17, 2018

I am thrilled to finally announce the launch of my new project, Rumble Magazine. Supporting and promoting Canadian talent and entrepreneurialism is something that I have been always been passionate about. Being able to build on this passion, all while creating an open and welcoming space for creators to share their own work, makes creating a platform like Rumble such an exciting and rewarding experience.

A bit about what we do:

"Rumble is a platform designed to inspire and support creativity and innovation within Canada. We provide resources and opportunities for entrepreneurs to better promote, protect, and commercialize their works. More than this, we aim to create an open space for dialogue within Canada’s creative communities.

In our goal to promote Canadian talent, Rumble Magazine publishes one digital editorial per month showcasing the intersectionality between art and innovation. RUMBLE 50, the much-anticipated annual issue, is a digital and print celebration of our top fifty Canadian creators and entrepreneurs of the year.

More than an online magazine, Rumble is a community and movement. Together, we can inspire creativity within Canada."

You can learn more about Rumble by visiting our website. To hear more from our featured creatives, make sure to follow us on social.

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I hope you enjoy Rumble as much as I love creating it.